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During the summer of 2009, a little puppy was born on the side of a road of a small island in Japan.

My Dog, Tsuki

My wife adopted her, and we named her Tsuki, which means “moon” in Japanese. My wife is a believer in  making fresh foods for dogs, and we became interested in which foods are good for dogs, and which ones aren’t.  But I want to go a little further.

I have worked over six years as a Medicinal chemist at a pharmaceutical company, and have a degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.  Beyond this, I have an insatiable curiosity about the science behind common dog knowledge.  We’ve been told that onions are bad for dogs, but why?  What is wrong with chocolate? Why is garlic good?

I think there is a place for traditional drug treatments, but I’ve become convinced that much of what ails us and our dogs can be prevented and even cured by natural methods.  Science is finally catching up to what people were doing in ancient times.  Time and time again, cure that has been used for centuries has been found to have scientific backing.  This is an exciting time for scientists interested in the natural world, and I want to explore it with you.

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